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About our Contact Lenses

Did you know that as many as 95% of spectacle wearers could be suitable for contact lenses?

Contact Lens technology has come along by leaps and bounds since their first appearance. If you've ever thought about contact lenses but tried them unsuccessfully in the past or been told your prescription was 'too high' you'll be pleased to hear that there has never been a better time to try them. Some of the latest advances and newest lenses available now mean patients with prescriptions that were impossible to correct even just 2 or 3 years ago can now have an alternative to their spectacles.

At D&D McWilliams, a consultation for both new and existing customers is £25.00. If you do order contact lenses from us after completing the trial we will deduct the cost of the consultation off your first order. As part of that initial consultation we'll show you how to put them in and take them out, advise you on how to get the best out of them and invite you back to make sure everything is great. If not, with dozens of different lenses available we are more than happy to trial a few until we find the one that is perfect for you.

We can also offer a range of schemes to cater for every need from a straight forward supply only through to all-inclusive complete care packages via standing order with additional benefits such as free eye tests and 25% off on spectacles.

Types of Lenses

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily Contact Lenses are a safe and versatile way to wear lenses. Single use, disposable and with no cleaning products necessary they are perfect for occasional wear or for those who want a minimum of fuss with their lenses.

The newest Daily Lenses now come with the latest developments such as silicone hydrogel materials for improved comfort whilst wearing.

Monthly/Fortnightly Contact Lenses

Excellent value for money Monthly lenses offer the same brilliant comfort and the latest innovations as Daily Lenses in a reusable product. Monthly lenses require a cleaning regime with cases and solutions for best hygiene and care.

Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

Many of our patients over 40 who have varifocals or reading spectacles are surprised to find how many options are available to them. Through either Multifocal Contact Lenses or Monovision prescriptions we can find a solution that corrects both distance and near sight.

High Prescription Contact Lenses

In the past having a high prescription would usually have been met with a blanket 'no' when it came to contact lenses. Recent steps forward have made this a thing of the past! Many of our standard ranges now can accommodate up to double digit prescriptions, degrees of astigmatism previously considered uncorrectable and we also can order Mark Ennovy lenses - custom made with up to 1 billion parameters which means almost any prescription can be corrected.

For more information about our Contact Lenses or to book an appointment with us please call us on: