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About our Spectacle Lenses

At D&D McWilliams we have spectacle lens options to suit any lifestyle.

The majority of our spectacle lenses are supplied by RODENSTOCK and ZEISS. These two german companies have been at the forefront of optical discoveries and innovation for over a hundred years and their lenses are always made to a high standard.

We can also source lenses from TOKAI OPTICAL who are an innovative japanese company that produce high quality lenses, particularly in the world's thinnest plastic 1.76 Bi-Aspheric option.

Our dispensing team use their experience to take most of the measurements manually. For Zeiss lenses we also have the Zeiss I-Terminal to take measurements precise to 0.1mm. Zeiss lenses can be tailor made to perfectly fit any frame and lifestyle requirements and these extra measurements ensure optimum vision.

Ask in store about some of the latest products we can offer.

Recommended and Latest Lens Products

Anti-Reflective Coatings / Blue Light / Driving Coatings

While Anti-Reflection/Anti-Glare coatings have been around for a while the latest versions now include water-repellant and anti-fogging properties - making it far easier to keep them free of those frustrating fingerprints and smudges. And now they come with increased UV protection.

They are perfect for reducing glare during night-driving and from fluorescent lighting and VDU screens. They improve clarity of vision and by increasing the light that passes through the lens they improve the appearance of your spectacles by making your lenses nearly un-noticable.

Blue Light Coatings have also appeared over the last few years. With a faint blue reflection to the lens these are designed specifically to filter out harmful blue light specifically from smart-phones, tablets and VDU screens and reduce fatigue when using these devices. Driving specific coatings and lens designs are also coming to fore to improve glare from modern LED headlights and visual comfort in poor light conditions.

Progressive Powered Lenses

Progressive Powered Lenses (known as Varifocals) have come a long way from their earliest days. New digital surfacing technology means the amount of distortion at the edges of the lens can be reduced. The lenses themselves can now be customised and tailored to measurements specific to you, your prescription and the frame you have chosen.

The result of all this means a patient gets a lens with a wider field of vision across all distances and keeps peripheral distortion at a minimum. This means they are far easier to adapt to and make for a much more natural and comfortable experience to wear.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses have been popular for years with fishermen because they eliminate horizontal glare meaning no distracting glare on water surfaces. They are now the premium choice sunglass lenses for anyone who wants clear vision on bright days.

The Polarised filter on the lens is perfect for anyone who uses their sunglasses for sport or for anyone who finds glare distracting whilst driving.

Occupational Lenses

For those with occupations and lifestyles focussed around a lot of VDU screens or close and near tasks sometimes Varifocals aren't always the perfect answer. Occupational Lenses come in a range of different designs which can be optimised for your needs.