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Young boy trying on glasses


Many children suffer from vision loss without knowing it. This can make the challenges of early education even more difficult and cause a wide variety of developmental difficulties. For this reason and many more, starting children off with good eye care habits and having their eyes regularly tested is vital. Our practice aims to deliver quality care to the whole community, so we make sure that children are well taken care of in all aspects of our service.


The first step in taking care of your children’s eye health is having their eyes examined. A professional children’s eye test will check for everything, including vision loss, visual stress and eye conditions. At our independent practice, we make sure eye tests are not only completely thorough but comfortable for children as well. NHS examinations are also completely free for children under 16 and teenagers under 19 in full-time education, so your family can get the eye care they need.


Getting your first pair of glasses is an important moment for everyone who needs vision correction and is especially significant for children. The goal of our dispensing team is to make sure every child gets a pair that they’re proud to wear. Our range of frames includes something for every style and personality, so the selection process will be easier than you think.

Young girl wearing contact-lenses


We offer a wide range of contact lenses designed especially for children so they can enjoy optimal vision without glasses. Included in our range are myopia control contact lenses. Myopia or shortsightedness affects more and more children each year. Reduced vision at long distances makes everything from seeing the whiteboard to playing sports more difficult. Correction of myopia is becoming increasingly effective and we offer the latest myopia control contact lenses so you can help to safeguard your child’s vision.

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