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Young woman inserting a contact lens


We want you to see the world clearly, so we offer the best contact lenses available so you can enjoy everything that they have to offer. Using the latest materials and designs we source a wide range of contact lenses to ensure that can find the right ones to suit you. Almost everybody can now use contact lenses safely and comfortably so even if you’ve been told you can’t use lenses before, get in touch and we may be able to help you.


A contact lens assessment is the first step in your journey to clear and comfortable vision. They are there to confirm you are eligible to wear contact lenses and provide all the information we need to find a type of lens perfectly suited to your eyes. During the appointment, your eye health will be completely examined, measurements of your eyes will be taken and your optometrist will ask you what your specific needs are for your contact lenses. This will help us make a recommendation that’s right for you.


There are many different types of contact lenses, which means we can find an option to suit people’s different wants and needs. First of all, we offer specialist lenses so people with eye conditions can wear lenses comfortably and effectively. We also offer lenses for occasional or permanent use and the option of daily or monthly disposables. Your optometrist will explain your options to you so you understand the benefits of each type of contact lens.



After you are fitted for contact lenses and start using them it is important to check in with us. This allows us to make sure the partnership between your eyes and contact lenses is still working well. Our aftercare appointments are a simple and stress-free way to make sure that you are still enjoying optimum vision and comfort.

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